Planning Horizon: Alchemy, Juice, Ladle

Image by Today is a good day via Flickr What’s a planning horizon and how far does it extend?  In geographical terms horizon is determined by the landscape. I’ve been in places in my life where the planning horizon narrowed to the next day.  Currently I’m finding myself with a horizon that extends farther than … Continue reading “Planning Horizon: Alchemy, Juice, Ladle”

Sol Niger

“Hang my head Drown my fear ‘Til you all just disappear Black hole sun Black hole sun Won’t you come? – Chris Cornell Taking a cue/clue from the Soundgarden lyrics, the soul terrain under the dominant of the Black Sun heralds in an existential forsakenness.  Indeed, when we look into the etymology of the word “eclipse,” we uncover … Continue reading “Sol Niger”