What is Active Imagination?

Active Imagination is a specific technique in Jungian work, a type of meditation, which essentially allows for the experience of dreaming while awake.  While there are now numerous books published on the practice, active imagination remains on of the least know aspects of Jung’s enterprise, though The Red Book was developed mainly through the technique. … Continue reading “What is Active Imagination?”

Is Love the Goal?

Earlier this note by the Franciscan Richard Rohr floated through my media stream: Love is the final goal; ever deeper trust inside of darkness is the path for getting there. #mystics #dailymeditation http://t.co/cKEBBbruC7 — Richard Rohr, OFM (@RichardRohrOFM) July 30, 2015 It immediately called forth a question from me, is it really? Many want to claim that … Continue reading “Is Love the Goal?”