Ego Needs in Psychoanalysis

Whenever discussing ego, it is important to first give a guiding definition.  From a Jungian perspective, ego is the complex of the psyche that holds consciousness together, maintains continuity and identity, and manages the functioning of the person in the world. Ego also manages the relationship of consciousness to the unconscious. Oftentimes I’ll be asked about the Buddhist teaching of “no ego.”  To … Continue reading “Ego Needs in Psychoanalysis”

Working with Mistakes in Psychoanalysis

Mistakes are part and parcel of every analytic hour.  Missed communication; timidity; a lack of sensitivity; getting caught in a complex; losing perspective; over-identifying; colluding with a pathology; these but a sampling of the various ways a psychoanalyst can miss the mark in a session. So how to proceed? From a Jungian perspective, whereby the … Continue reading “Working with Mistakes in Psychoanalysis”