Autumn Walks

Autumn walks in the woods have a unique feel.  A certain spaciousness enters in and the dramatic shift as the dominant greens of summer give way to the various browns, golds, and reds, creates a full spectrum splendor that speaks of unexpected transformation.

The forest floor, now covered with a fresh carpet of leaves, speaks to us of a process of soil formation that has padded the earth in the same manner here for thousands of years.

I particularly enjoy walking through the forest off trail and very slowly.  The effect can be something akin to a hall of mirrors, but more authentically relating to the unconscious instead of just reflecting back multiple images of ourselves at every corner.  It’s as if the complex shifting of trees and the disorientating sense of direction open us to encounter the figures in the unconscious which visit us in our dreams.

Author: Richard Reeve

I'm the Senior Director of Development at Panthera, a global conservation organization committed to stemming the population decline of cats in the wild. I enjoy rural living with my wife Judith and our two children in the Catskill Mountains of New York.