Climes At the Edge of Beyond

Self as Sea
When this door opens, what words suffice?

Only an acceptance that no words will serve allows the rhythm of the waves to break through my initial arrest, a dissociative regress…from splendor?

I’ve driven hard some ten hours to gain this glimpse of the unbounded churning clime before the loss of day light.

Tracking the Self such a peculiar game once we reckon the labyrinthine structures within and without.  No matter the foothold consciousness claims, the mighty surround belongs to this ever-present one whose pleasure is found in making the finest sands.

Author: Richard Reeve

I'm the Senior Director of Development at Panthera, a global conservation organization committed to stemming the population decline of cats in the wild. I enjoy rural living with my wife Judith and our two children in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

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