If you never remember your dreams

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“The Unconscious shows you the face you show it…” ~Poor Ben

If you never remember your dreams

A common response from folks when I ask about their dream life goes something like this:  “oh sure, I dream all the time, but I never remember them when I wake up.”

Scientists have confirmed that we dream all the time.  Having gone through a sleep study myself, I’ve seen all those moments of dream activity marked on the ink score of my sleep patterns.

Some nights I might remember two or three dreams if I wake up, or if the circumstances are right, but generally I only remember a few dreams a week.  From a Jungian perspective, only those dreams carrying enough libido, or psychic energy, will be able to break through the threshold and be carried over into consciousness.

But many never remember any dreams at all, and then the question becomes “why not?”

It could be that we are repressing the contents and have created a locked door preventing whatever awaits there from getting to us.  While effective in controling dreams, the Unconscious has many other ways to confront us, the most dangerous is in the form of ailments and dis-ease.

So I led off with the idea that the Unconscious show us the face we show it.  If there is not enough energy to bring the dreams over the threshold, perhaps there is not enough energy honoring the value of the dream images in the first place.  The Unconscious seems just as content to operate out of site and out of mind.  If we choose to ignore it, it is more than happy to ignore the possibility of delivering messages to us through our dreams.  Instead, it will operate in our relationships, our thought patterns, and in those “funny” accidents that seem to erupt when we are out of touch with the “springs of the psyche.”  Think about it, how do you respond when ignored?

So what to do about it?

Anybody who wants to remember a dream in the upcoming days simply needs to take some intention, that vital libido juice at the ego’s disposal, and set out the invitation to the Unconscious.  How would you invite a guest over for dinner.  Do you make a meal and hope they just know to show up?

Go through the activity of actually inviting the dreams into consciousness.  Find an authentic way to place that call.   The dreams will respond, trust me.

Author: Richard Reeve

I'm the Senior Director of Development at Panthera, a global conservation organization committed to stemming the population decline of cats in the wild. I enjoy rural living with my wife Judith and our two children in the Catskill Mountains of New York.