Planning Horizon: Alchemy, Juice, Ladle

Guardians of the horizon
Image by Today is a good day via Flickr

What’s a planning horizon and how far does it extend?  In geographical terms horizon is determined by the landscape. I’ve been in places in my life where the planning horizon narrowed to the next day.  Currently I’m finding myself with a horizon that extends farther than I’m used to.   This month I send in my application to the Jung Institute of New York and hopefully I’ll be accepted into their training program this fall.

The journey, if the doors keep opening, will take four years, maybe five.  And considering that vista I’m recognizing three guiding words for my path:


The process of investigating the psyche, of wrestling with self, the activity of transformation.


Slang for electricity, I’m thinking psychic energy, libido.


A tool for drawing out and distributing the contents.

What’s the scope of your planning horizon and what three guiding words map it for you?

Author: Richard Reeve

I'm the Senior Director of Development at Panthera, a global conservation organization committed to stemming the population decline of cats in the wild. I enjoy rural living with my wife Judith and our two children in the Catskill Mountains of New York.