Going In Between

With practice, we can learn to retrieve the vague dreams that seem to be staying just on the fringes of consciousness.  If before getting up we linger on our pillow without rushing into our daily task list ((the ego at the height of its power!)) or if we make time to meditate on the feelings that leave traces, the imagery of the dream will often reemerge into consciousness, or at least one aspect of the dream.  Sometimes this is only a feeling tone.

The key is to create enough space, or what we could even call a “holding space” that allows for the experience to be reentered.  The liminal space between consciousness and the unconscious becomes familiar territory through this practice, a sort of quasi-trance place which has been termed the hypnogogic.

Over time, as one becomes comfortable with the practice, it is possible to retrieve dreams much later in the day or even many days later.

By and By

Swift Water
Image by mtsofan via Flickr

Coming to terms with the nature of the social web can be difficult.  Many that get in with some level of passion soon fizzle out.  What I notice is that many others fall back into the familiar networks of their friends and relations.  That being said, the most interesting social media plays I’ve been involved in had nothing to do with pre-existing relationships.  They were spontaneous and unpredictable.

My take away: social media is about engagement with the immediate.  We can’t expect any investment with those of this moment to endure into future moments.  It might, but that’s not a condition determining the creative value of what transpires.  And our investment is not depleted by what may be a random chance encounter.  Each act shapes our practice, our posture so to speak.

So the question remains, how to we continue to position ourselves in the swift moving waters?

Undoing Frenzy within Social Media

What I’m most interested in, that’s the road that leads to the most meaningful interactions with others in this space.

I’m hitting upon this theme again because all the posturing in this space about “making it about the audience” is in my mind only a useful for those whose main interest is empowering audience. It just isn’t enough if it isn’t enough (pardon the redundancy). And it leads to so much banter in the social media space about “making it about you” that it feels like breathing air that is thin on oxygen…or worse, polluted with gasoline fumes.

See, if you are making it about me, by telling me to make it about them, then we have no terra firma. Nothing to break bread over. Nothing to base our shared journey on. It’s like a dream of bouncing around like a ping pong ball in the clouds.

Now, it’s been my experience of late that drilling deep into my interests has served up the community I was blindly seeking.
Passion generated by interest is contagious.

I prefer to walk in this way, firmly grounded, breathing in deep breaths of fresh air, sharing the meaningful stones that line my route (even if it means walking all the way to Cleveland…

Really folks, what’s the rush?